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Research and Market Keyword Blueprinting

Much of the success that is achieved with a business, a website, a new product and so on is achieved by completing the proper research in advance.

This research will enable you to be aware of all aspects of what is involved in being successful in whatever it is you may be planning to do. BPS is able to help you to complete this research and will be pleased to explain in some detail how our process works. You may even for instance want us to carry out a complete research project into your existing business to determine what aspects of your business can be improved. Contact us if you want to know more you will find it is an interesting discussion.

Market Keyword Blueprinting

Many of our clients ask us to complete a Market Keyword Blueprint for them before building a website. Other clients who also have an existing website will also ask us to do this for them as it is such a valuable tool. It is better of course to do it in advance of constructing a website so that the information gleaned can be utilized to build the new site. However, the information is just as valuable for an existing site as it may indeed compel the owner to either refocus the site or restructure it.

The following is a detailed overview of the Blueprint and what it can do for your website.


Dominate Your Market & Get Every Dollar Out of it - Blueprint for Success!

Domination of a market comes down basically to four things.

  1. Researching, analyzing and understanding your market / markets

  2. Creating content that will put people into the correct marketing funnel

  3. Driving traffic to your site

  4. Converting them into clients /buyers.

In order to dominate a market and get the best out of it you first have to understand the market or markets you are in. This takes extensive research and analysis. Once done though you can then climb to the top of the mountain and look down upon the whole and decide which parts (at both a macro and micro level) will benefit you the most; and which are most relevant to what you want to achieve.


By climbing to the top you can see the opportunities that you may have either missed or not even known existed.


When you start a new site or redesign it is important to begin at the top of the market. If you do not then you will miss important keywords and that will impact not just your Search Engine ranking negatively (in particular Google) but it will also effect your conversions. This will happen because you do not use content terminology that your buying clients expect.


The reason you can expect lower rankings if you fail to do this is that you will have missed important keywords and topics that Google and other Search Engines consider to be either related or to have co-occurrence within the theme you are trying to rank for.


If for example you wanted to rank for the word “kitty litter” most web site owners would focus only on the word “kitty litter” or “cat litter” and any variations thereof. They will miss many important keyword phrases because they failed to go to the top of the market… “cats”


In addition the old ways of doing keyword research do not address today’s Google expectations with Latent Semantic Indexing and Co-Occurrence of content. They use these techniques to accurately determine the worth of your page in comparison to other “trusted” sites. You need to build theme density not keyword density.


It is also easier to rank for competitive keywords and you will require fewer backlinks if your site is “theme dense” your site will also be more interesting to your visitors as it will use a much larger variety of pertinent terms.


It is best to do this before you plan and develop your site, but can also fairly straightforwardly be done with an existing site or business – providing you are willing to implement the necessary changes over a period of time.


This objective cannot be achieved with conventional keyword research and analysis tools.


For clients who truly want to create a successful SEO campaign and discover the top of your best and highest vertical market, BPSYourSite.com has a process we refer to as Market and Keyword Blueprinting.


We have the tools, training and methodology to analyze your market from the top down. During this process we analyze market dependencies and relevancy. From this we create a blueprint for your business which allows us to help you to build a site capable of dominating your market.


This blueprint includes all of the key Silos / Categories that your site could include organized by priority. Within each Silo we identify keywords for which you should have articles and content created. To make these articles much more powerful in the Search Engines we include relevant synonyms, Expert Verbiage and Long Tail phrase that will enable your content to be far more effective.


Of course this task takes a high degree of skill, many hours of work, huge amounts of computer processing power and many millions of calculations to determine the valuable information which we provide to you. We normally take about a week to do it. For you to do it, if you could, it would take many weeks if not months of effort.


This blueprint is not a one shot design that will only enable you design an initial site outline. The reports will be valuable to you for years to come whereby you can use them to keep adding valuable content.


You are probably wondering how much this wonderful business blueprint is and exactly what’s in it.


Well the cost is negligible in comparison to the value you will get from this blueprint and what you can do with it both immediately and over the years – it is amazingly inexpensive for what it provides – just $349.


You will receive a personalized blueprint that will contain the following:


  • Several thousands of keywords applicable to various aspects of your market.


  • These keywords will be organized by Silo and the Silos will be prioritized. Each Silo will have relevant synonyms as well as Expert Verbiage and Long tails.


  • For each keyword you will get valuable information on such things as market relevancy and market share together with information on natural search volumes as well as valuable Pay Par Click information.


  • From the thousands of keywords provided the reports will identify those for you that have the most value to you as articles.


  • You will also receive clear guidelines that prioritize the articles according to the needs of your site and your business.


  • Together with each article keyword you will receive a list of Search Engine recognized synonyms as well as Long tail and Expert verbiage phrases applicable to it. This information will allow you to create content that is extremely powerful when compared to competitors who are just using regular keyword techniques. The information we provide enables you to more fully exploit the power of Latent Semantic Indexing and Co-Occurrence if you so choose.


  • You receive a personalized report of several pages (usually about 6) that explain the information, what its importance is to your business and it includes useful tips on points of major significance.



To order this invaluable analysis please complete the following form and return it to us together with your payment as indicated below.




Request for an Analysis of Market & Related Keywords & to create a Site Blueprint.



1: Does your site exist already?


2: If yes what is the site URL?


3: What are the main keywords being used on this site already?


4: What are your main markets as you see them with this site?


5: Who are your target clients for this site?


6: What are your main products or services?


Please return this information to us together with your payment for $595 through either PayPal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or buy now through 2Checkout (2CO). 2Checkout.com Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by No Box Publishing Inc. and BPSYourSite.com Please make sure you ONLY CLICK ONCE or you may be charged twice. Please also ensure when you reach the payment page with 2CO that you are paying in the correct currency. You may select from the country flags along the top.


We will contact you with any further questions we may have relevant to this analysis.


Please expect your reports and analysis approximately one week from when you return this information to us. Depending on what the initial analysis shows this may get extended to 10 to 14 days if we find to get you the best results we need to try more permutations or research. There is no extra charge for this and we will advise you part way through if we find the extra time is necessary.


We thank you for your business.




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