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What Makes a Link Good for SEO?
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What Makes a Link Good for SEO?

#1 The Quality of the Site giving you a link

Google loves links on quality sites (sites that have been online for a year or longer and have several pages of quality content). It is actually possible to outrank someone who has many more links then you IF you have better quality links (your links are on quality websites instead of garbage websites). It is not necessary that all of your backlinks come from such high quality websites sites, but the general rule is the better quality the site the more value given to the link.

We get your links from websites already valued by the search engines.

#2 Link Popularity and Website Page Rank

Obtaining links on sites that are popular is very important. The reason for this is that when popular websites link to your website, it shows the search engines that your website is popular too, and therefore, it should be given high rankings. Link Popularity is the #1 ranking factor Google uses to rank websites and it is a major ranking factor in both Yahoo and MSN.

We get links from websites that have the respect of all the search engines. That is why we are able to help our clients get top search engine rankings so consistently.

#3 The Age of the Site Your Link is Placed On

Older sites are trusted more by the search engines and older sites have more power for helping other websites get high rankings. Google places a lot of weight on links from older sites. If a site is older then 2 years, its value is raised significantly. If a site is more than 5 years old, it is even more powerful.

Many of the sites from which we get links are two years old or older. This is another reason why we are able to help our clients get top search engine rankings so consistently.

#4 The Placement of the Link on the Page (Zone)

Where the link is located on a page is also very important. The search engines have developed block level analysis techniques that basically allow them to break down a webpage into blocks. Certain blocks, or sections of the site carry more weight since they are more likely to be seen by visitors. Links that are hidden at the very bottom of a site carry less value then links embedded in text near the top and middle of the page.

Each anchor text link you receive from us will be placed within relevant text.


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