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Professional Private Linking Service
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How to get Top 10 Rankings in the search engines without breaking your bank...

You probably know that getting your website top 10 rankings in the major search engines is absolutely vital to growing your online business. It instantly drives highly targeted traffic to your website and it makes you a serious player in your industry.

In fact, there is NO other form of Internet marketing that is more profitable than having your website listed in the top 10 rankings of the major search engines. None. It is literally like striking gold. Ask any business owner whose website has top 10 rankings and he or she will tell you exactly the same thing.


Why Top 10 Rankings are so Important to Your Success

The reason it is so important to get your website top 10 rankings is the majority of people who conduct a search on a search engine never go past the first page results - the top 10 ranked websites. So, if your website is not included in those top 10 search results, you are missing out on over 90% of the traffic that could be going to your website and buying your products or services. Ouch!!! Just think of the last time you conducted a search using a search engine. Did you go past the top 10 listings on page 1? Probably not. 90% of people don't.


To Order

Once you have reviewed the details of our Private Linking Service please go to our Request an Invoice section fill in a simple request form and we will provide you with an invoice for payment.


Your Painful and Expensive Problem...

Getting top 10 rankings can be very expensive. Other professional search engine optimization firms normally charge anywhere up to $10,000 PER MONTH to get you top 10 rankings AND they force you into long-term contracts. That is great for them but not so great for you.


Finally, an Affordable Results-Driven Solution for You

We have developed a service that will help you get top 10 rankings at a fraction of the cost that other professional search optimization firms would charge you. This service is called our Professional Private Linking Service.

BPSYourSite.com is owned by No Box Publishing Inc. which was developed in early 2005 by a team of Internet marketers and software engineers who wanted to offer businesses an affordable and reliable link building solution for search engine optimization as well as many other services including website development. We have helped over 300 business owners improve the search engine rankings for their websites.

BPSYourSite.com and our parent company privately own a number of websites and are a global leader in link building solutions.

For more information, please call (313-406-8185) or click here to email us.


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