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Privacy Policy


BPSYourSite.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”) collects information from its website visitors. In this case, information includes a visitor’s:


  • Name
  • Email address
  • Browser used (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • IP address


We only collect such information when a visitor or client purchases our products, subscribes to our services, registers on our website for free information, or subscribes to one of our free newsletters.


Uses of Collected Information


We do not share, rent, or sell the information we collect with third parties who may be interested in such information to advance their own business interests. We only collect such information in the aggregate to help the Company to better serve its visitors – to diagnose technical problems, to enhance the Company’s products by tracking user trends and their interests, and to administer customer support.


We may, on occasion, will compile the aggregate of the information that the Company collects to communicate with our visitors about products and services. Communication may take the form of email correspondence, direct mail, or phone calls.


Security Safeguards and Opt-out Option


We take all the necessary precaution to safeguard our clients’ personally identifiable information, from the administrative, technical, and physical side of the Company’s business. All the information we collect is securely handled within the Company’s facility and is not at all disclosed to third parties.


Legal Disclaimer


Though the Company may exert every effort to ensure the privacy of its users, it may need to disclose information when required by law to disclose personal information through a current court proceeding, court order or any other legal process served to the Company.


Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued in full without deduction.


Changes To Privacy Policy


The Company at some point may change the way it collects and uses the information that it collects from its visitors. We will disclose changes to our Privacy Statement as it happens.


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